The Arabic language and literature program in the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations offers a range of courses in Arabic language, literature, and culture, from the medieval period to the modern era. Courses offered include an Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilizations, Islamic Culture and the Iberian Peninsula, The Arabic Novel, and Representing Islam. Our language program provides students with up to four years of Arabic language study, including elementary, intermediate, and advanced Modern Standard Arabic. This combination of courses offers students the opportunity to comprehensively explore the literatures and cultures of the Arabic-speaking peoples of the Middle East and North Africa.


The Certificate in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies provides students the opportunity to formally explore the cultural, political, and religious diversity of the Middle East and the Islamic worlds by combining language study (Arabic or Farsi) with approved content courses in various departments across campus, including Anthropology, Asian Languages and Civilizations, History, International Affairs, Jewish Studies, and Religious Studies.


Courses Include:

ARAB 1010/1020   Beginning Arabic 1 & 2

ARAB 2110/2120   Intermediate Arabic 1 & 2

ARAB 3110/3120   Advanced Arabic 1 & 2

ARAB 4200   Advanced Readings in Arabic

ARAB 4250   Arabic Media


Arabic Courses in English

ARAB 1011   Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilizations

ARAB 2231   The World of Classical Arabic Literature

ARAB 3230   Islamic Culture and the Iberian Peninsula

ARAB 3231   In the Footsteps of Travelers: Travel Writing in Arabic Literature

ARAB 3330   The Arabic Novel

ARAB 3340   Representing Islam

ARAB 3350   Narrating the City: Literary Mappings of the Urban Landscape

ARAB 3410   Gender, Sexuality and Culture in the Modern Middle East


Please see the ALC course directory and course schedule for more information.


The Department encourages its students to spend either an academic year or a semester abroad, though there are summer options as well. There are study abroad programs for all levels of Arabic, including programs that offer courses in Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, or both. Detailed information can be found here.