The Farsi/Persian program in the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations offers students the opportunity to take elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses in Farsi language.  Farsi, or Persian, is spoken in Iran, and also in parts of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and other areas in Central Asia. For students interested in learning more about Farsi language and culture, the department also offers an introductory course in Persian civilization, FRSI 1011. Students from our Farsi program have received Critical Language Scholarships to study abroad and also at the Critical Languages Institute at Arizona State University.


Iranian Community Book Donation for Persian Program at ALC The Persian language program has received a second generous donation of  books on Persian literature, history and language. This collection is part of the late Prof. Parviz Ahoor’s personal library.  It has been offered to the Asian Studies library at Norlin by his wife Ms. Parivash Ahoor and his son Roy Ahoor to promote and enrich the Persian program at the University of Colorado Boulder.