Chinese Major

The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese.


The Undergraduate Chinese Program manual provides detailed information about all aspects of the program. Before registering for specific courses, students should consult with the undergraduate advisor concerning placement in language classes. Additionally, we encourage students to broaden their career options through a double major, combining their language study with another field of interest.

To see what courses are currently being offered and their descriptions, visit our course schedule. For more detailed descriptions of all Chinese courses offered, see the Department's list of Courses.

For details of the Asian Languages programs, consult the University of Colorado Boulder Catalog.


Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Jean Jameson

HUMN 246

(303) 735-4137


Undergraduate Faculty Advisor

Professor Andrew Stuckey

HUMN 247


Chinese Language Program Coordinator




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Boulder, CO 80309-0552

Tel.: (303) 492-6301

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